Simplicity in Training and Learning


Questionmark Perception


The Perception product is a comprehensive Assessment Management System (AMS) which can be deployed as stand-alone assessment solutions or be configured to include learning content to provide both assessment cum learning solutions. As an open product, Perception can also be integrated to existing LMSes (SCORM, IMS, AICC, QTI, etc...). Perception enables educators/instructors to create assessments that not only measure knowledge, skills and attitudes, safety & compliance but also enhance the learning process.


There are four parts to the Questionmark Perception process :


1.  You author questions with interactive question types and organise them into dynamic assessments (i.e. exams, tests, quizzes and surveys).

2.  You schedule assessments for participants and groups.

3. You deliver assessments by web browser, secure browser (online exams / certification), offline assessments, PDA, CD or paper.

4.  You report on and analyse the results using standard and customized report types.




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